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Become a SUPA teacher;

a world of opportunities on your doorstep

Southampton University Partnership Alliance

Welcome to SUPA teaching

 On behalf of all the schools which make up the SUPA alliance, we’d like to welcome you to what we think is the most exciting teacher training route on the South Coast; your pathway to a career in secondary teaching.


Teaching is an incredibly rewarding career. It takes both empathy and intelligence to see learning through the eyes of the learner; playing a positive and inspirational role in students’ lives is hugely enriching.


There isn’t a better job out there.


If this sounds attractive, we offer an unbeatable package.


Our area, which includes Southampton, Dorset and Wiltshire is varied and stunning. Our training schools have a proven expertise in successfully developing new entrants to the profession, and we are ably supported by the world-renowned Russell Group University of Southampton.


Please read on to discover why we’re so proud of what we do.

We’re confident you’ll find we have all the tools and experience you need to begin your career as a secondary teacher.


All the teachers and staff who make up the SUPA alliance would like to wish you good luck with your application and we hope you have a long, successful and varied career as a teacher.


The landscape of teaching is changing​

Today, teachers find themselves in a modern,

flexible profession, with well-defined career

paths and rewards that match performance.


It’s a fun, stimulating and creative role, with

bags of variety. A classroom is one of the

most exciting workplaces in the world. Every

minute of every day, teachers are called on

to use their management, leadership and

communication skills.


Because you spend so much of your training

year in the classroom, you’re making a

difference to students’ lives from the word go.


If you’re concerned you’re not a

‘typical’ teacher, don’t worry. Teaching

welcomes a genuine mix of applicants.

Recent graduates, people looking for

second careers and returners to the

job market are all being drawn to the

challenge and reward of teaching.




Why Choose SUPA?

Southampton University Partnership

Alliance (SUPA) is a unique collaboration

which combines the expertise of highly

experienced teachers in secondary

 schools across three counties (Hampshire,

Dorset and Wiltshire), with the renowned

academic support of the education faculty

at the University of Southampton.

Our training programme allows you, as a

trainee teacher, to develop strong links with

your home school from the very beginning,

along with regular academic input from the

University of Southampton - we think it’s

the best of both worlds.

With the SUPA experience, you will

spend the first weeks of your training in

your home school. You will get to know

your new colleagues, and your new

school, before experiencing the work of

another school for three months.


Your main practice in your home school will be from January to June. Throughout the year, you will also attend the University of Southampton with other trainee teachers. This gives you access to the best training available and to a network of trainee teachers who can support and help you.

All our home schools have a proven passion for developing new entrants into the profession. They have worked with the University of Southampton for many years and provide strong and knowledgeable guidance which will help you grow into a highly employable secondary teacher.

Once you are qualified, our trainees usually find a job locally within the alliance.

Jamie Biggs

Secondary Maths School Direct trainee

Bishop Wordsworth’s School


Why did you choose School Direct?

School Direct is a great way to train. You are based in a school from day one, working with experienced teachers and learning how a school really works.

The time at the University of Southampton is also a great way of developing your practice outside the classroom. You get to meet other trainees and work alongside University staff who have great experience of the education sector.


How was the course?

I was placed at two really contrasting

schools. This provided me with real variety and I developed a range of skills which I will be able to apply throughout my career.

The school based part of the course was very supportive and the University gave great guidance throughout.


Top tip

Make sure you listen to teachers; they

are willing to give you help, advice

and things to try. Be brave and always be

willing to try something different.

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