Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There are a range of teacher training courses on offer. How would you describe this one?

A. We offer a School Direct (Training) course. It’s targeted at graduates, recent and experienced, who want to train locally to become a secondary teacher.

Q. How much are the fees for the course?

A. Fees vary so please email the university at to find out the fees for the course you are interested in.

Q. With a School Direct (Training) course I don’t get a salary. How do I pay the fees and afford to live?

A. You may be eligible for a tax-free bursary to help with fees and living costs. The Department for Education has more detailed information.

Q. Is there any other financial

support available?

A. There are various other

loans and schemes on

offer to support you.

Q. I have GCSEs in English and

mathematics. Do I still need to do the

Professional Skills Tests?

A. Yes. All applicants are required to pass the Professional Skills Tests before they begin their training.

Q. How is the SUPA School Direct course

different to the University Led course?

A. It offers the best of both worlds – close links with a SUPA ‘home’ school and the benefits of the university-led training course.

Q. Do I need some classroom experience?

A. School experience helps you to decide whether you are making the right decision - we are happy to help you get experience in one of our SUPA schools.

Q. Can I do the course part-time?

A. No, they are all full-time courses.

Q. I need to complete a personal statement. What do I include?

A. Tell us why you want to be a

teacher. Demonstrate that you understand what being a teacher is all about. Share

your experiences of working with young children, what you learned from your classroom visit and what you bring to the


Q.What are your Training Provider Codes?

A. SUPA Salisbury is 1FZ and SUPA Southampton 2BH.

Q. Where do I apply?

A. You start by going to the UCAS site

and search for SUPA.

Q. Do I have to arrange my own school

placement for when I train?

A.No. We will arrange both of your 

placements for you.

Q. Will I gain Masters credits?

A. Yes. Our courses are Masters level. Most of our trainees gain 30 ECTS credits, a third of a Masters degree, from the University of Southampton. You can complete the Masters degree in your own time over the next few years.

Q. Am I guaranteed a job at my school

when I qualify?

A. No. But every year well over 90% of our

PGCEs are employed as teachers and over 70% last year in our partnership schools.

Q. I have some specific questions.

Who can I talk to?

A. We’re here to help. Contact us directly – we have a wealth of experience and knowledge that we’d be delighted to share.

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